Planning Your Session – Edits and Products

You did it!  You had an awesome session, and we got some awesome images!  Now what?  Generally, the next step is that we will prepare your proofs for you to review and pick the ones you like.  If you haven’t already decided, now is the time to decide what you’re going to do with the images and thus, what products you might be interested in purchasing.  Remember that your session fee includes the session itself and the preparation and delivery of the proofs.  Detailed edits and any finished product are priced separately unless we’ve developed an inclusive package for you.


It normally takes a few days to create the proofs from the images we’ve captured.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, we tend to shoot a lot of images.  The fleeting nature of genuine expressions and the timing of a blink can be the difference between a perfect image and not.  As such, for any one particular look we’re going for, we might capture multiple images.  That’s further compounded by seeing an image we’re after, but then wanting to capture it at different distances or crops.  Yes, we can do the crop later in Photoshop, but that steals resolution and we want to give you the best images possible. 

Zooming or cropping with the lens allows the resulting image to be at full resolution and thus better quality.  The end result is that there are often hundreds of images to sort through, decide what to keep and show and then potentially make basic color or exposure adjustments if we feel it’s necessary.  We strive for perfection out of the camera and many times we acheive it, but sometimes we don’t and the image needs some tweak before we’re ready to offer it as a proof.  All of that takes time!

Each of your proofs will be marked with the text PROOF on the image.  We don’t want it to be obnoxious and block what you’re trying to make a decision on, but we do want it clear that the images are not the finished product that we want to put our name on yet.  Once the proofs are ready, they’ll be made available to you in a secure location on the web and you’ll receive a link to view them.  You’re welcome to save and share the link if you wish, but know that anyone with the link will be able to see your images, so rather than sharing the link, we suggest saving specific proofs and sharing them with those you want to help you decide.  Optionally, for additional security we’re happy to password protect the gallery for you if you’re worried about the link falling into the wrong hands.


Once you’ve chosen one or more images for delivery as a product, we will then do standard editing at no additional charge.  Standard editing includes steps such as:

        • Exposure adjustment and enhancement if needed
        • Contrast adjustment and enhancement if needed
        • Color correction if needed
        • Black and white, sepia (or other tone) or simple selective color conversion if desired
        • Limited skin blemish correction for obvious point blemishes (such as zits and small scars)
        • Glamour skin smoothing if desired

Other editing is available at an additional charge and could include:

        • Teeth whitening
        • Adjustment of unsightly bulges
        • Complicated selective color or color conversion
        • Extensive skin retouch
        • Ethereal glow, complicated focus adjustments or blur and other image effects

We want your images to be remarkable, and we get in close when we’re performing our edits!  These edits are quoted on a case by case basis.


Audacieux Photographics offers a wide range of products and has sources for just about any kind of product imaginable which will display an image.  Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll figure out how to get your image put on it.

Our most common product purchases are digital images, photographic prints, canvases, and photo books.   Digital images alone are quoted based on quantity and number of images.  They are delivered using the same mechanism as proofs and are provided as high resolution images suitable for printing as well as lower resolution images which are appropriate for sharing by social media.

Photographic prints are priced by size and are drop shipped to you.  Our vendor provides true photographic prints on archival quality photographic paper, not an injet or dye sublimation print like other vendors.  The digital image is included with the purchase of prints at no additional charge.

Canvases, also known as canvas wraps are also priced by size and are drop shipped to you from our vendor.  We use a high quality vendor who provides art gallery quality products.  The digital image is included with the purchase of canvases at no additional charge.

Our photo books are also provided by a vendor offering excellent quality products.  They are available with a multitude of cover options and materials and in multiple sizes and page counts.  The purchase of a photo book includes the book design process and as part of the process, you’ll be provided a PDF file proof of the prepared book to approve before ordering.

Once you’ve approved the design of the book it will be created and shipped to you.  The digital images for each image in the book is included at no additional charge.

If you have specific questions or need more information on our proofing, editing and products, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Please be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!