Planning Your Session – Props and Special Effects

By the time you get to the point of considering what if any props and special effects you want in your session, we hope you understand the terminology and have chosen your image style and decided on a location.  If not, we suggest you read up on those things first!  Choosing your wardrobe is also related, so you may want to do that too!

Once you’re ready to consider props and special effects, you can let your mind wander because the options are endless.


Fast forward.  You’ve finished your session.  You’ve seen your proofs.  You’ve picked some you love, and you’ve decided on what products you’d like to have.  Now what?  What are your images for?  Display? Empowerment?  Are they a gift for someone else?  Why does it matter?  It matters because that may help you decide if you want a theme to the images and what it might be.

As an example, consider the client who wants to do a photo book for a sports loving significant other who happens to have a favorite football team.  Perhaps one of the session looks could be with wardrobe and props that reflect that team.  Or consider the client with a spouse that’s a firefighter.  Or perhaps you’re just a huge fan of vinyl.

Whatever the theme, if you want to include it in your session somehow, we’ll figure out how to do it.

Assorted Props

Audacieux Photographics also has an assortment of props available to compliment your session.  While our stock of props varies with the season and time, we generally have:

        • An array of colors of sheer fabric
        • Red, ivory and black satin sheets
        • Mardi Gras style beads and masks
        • Feather boas
        • Rope and chains
        • Smoke machine
        • Red and white emergency lights

Be sure to check out the slide show below to see some samples of shots with our various props

You are welcome to bring along any additional props you may wish to use.


We regularly do photo sessions with vehicles, but please keep in mind that these require advance planning and may have some location limitations.  At least one of our studio options is capable of getting a motorcycle inside, but larger vehicles need to either be shot on location or arrangements made to rent a larger facility.


Weapons are common props in our sessions and we welcome them.  If you’re planning on using a weapon in your session, please discuss this in advance with us so we can plan for any special safety precautions that will be required.

Please note that we welcome concealed carry holders but do not unholster your weapon unless the need arises to use force.  In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.  If you unholster your weapon for any other reason, you will be expected to unload and make it safe and demonstrate such.  Weapons used as props will be demonstrated to be clear and safe at each use.


Smoke and Other Special Effects

We love adding special effects to our images and we pride ourselves on doing in the shot and in camera as opposed to adding it in Photoshop later whenever possible.

We frequently do sessions that include smoke, specialized lighting (such as fire), lighting effects such as light streaming, and camera effects like ghosting (double exposure).  

We have multiple options for doing such effects and we’d welcome discussing your ideas.  If it involves a camera, we’re probably game for trying it!  You can reach us at to do so!

Don’t forget to watch our slide show of interesting props and themes below, and be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!