Planning Your Session – Location

Location, location, location!  It’s been said that location is everything, and we can’t agree more!  Fortunately, for Audacieux Photographics, we can work with generally any location you choose, from underwater

to an abandoned incinerator, and pretty much anything in between.

Have you picked out the style of images you want from your session yet?  If not, you should probably do that first, because it may have a bearing on the type of location chosen.  Once you know that, pick away.  Our choices are:

Hamilton Studio – a smaller cozy studio in a quiet residential neighborhood in Hamilton.  This one is our favorite, but it is limited in potential concepts due to size.  It’s best for low key lighting, but high key lighting can be done here as well.

Cincinnati Studio – a larger shared studio located in the Cincinnati area near Paddock Rd and I-75.  This studio is appropriate for both low key and high key photography and can be used for larger props.  Scheduling can be more complicated because of the need to coordinate with other users

Other Studios – If one of our two studio options isn’t a fit for some reason, we also keep track of other studios in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern KY area which rent studio space hourly, and we’d be happy to set up your session using one of those other studios.  Please note that additional charges will apply.

On Location – the sky is pretty much the limit here.  Be sure to check out our slide show below for some of the interesting places we’ve shot.  We keep a whole database of potential locations if you don’t already have one in mind and we can set up anything from a single light set, to a full high key setup pretty much anywhere there’s enough space!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!