Our Lifestyle Galleries are a sort of “catch all” for the images that don’t really fall into one of our other categories.  Here you’ll find interesting themes, assorted props and different lighting styles.  Perhaps something will trigger an idea for your next session?

DeeLyn at the Fountain – A challenging night shoot with the beautiful DeeLyn at a lighted Cincinnati fountain

Holidays with Suzy – a holiday themed shoot with the lovely Audra!

Santa’s Bag – KT poses with our holiday themed props: Santa’s Bag, the tree and the North Pole

KT at the Creek – a series featuring KT shot at a local creek

KT in the Hot Tub – a series featuring KT in the hot tub in the snow

Suzy and Her Bike – a series featuring Suzy Homewrecker and her motorcycle

Guns Gallery – a collection of assorted favorite images that feature a weapon as a prop

DeeLyn: Firewoman – Smoke.  Red Lights.  A beautiful woman in turn out gear.  What more could you ask?

DeeLyn’s Cupcakes – A sampling from DeeLyn’s set for entry in the Zivity Just Dessert prize competition

Show us what you’ve got! – DeeLyn’s set for entry in the prize competition on Zivity by the same name.

NLC Promo Cards – Created for the models in a recent lingerie auction event

Size Does Matter – Sometimes, you just can’t deny it!

Mercenary Girl – Held at the Jefferson Proving Ground near Madison, IN, and featuring model Tiifany McCleery!

Fire Babe – Held at a studio in Cincinnati and featuring model Peaches21!

Body Art – We love ink!  A selection of images from various sessions featuring body art.

Maternity – Pregnant and beautiful!  A session with Chris and Krissy

Assorted Images  – A collection of images that didn’t quite merit a separate gallery

Please be patient!  We’ll be adding more to our  Lifestyle Gallery soon! Be sure to also check out our Preview Category!  These are new images from recent sessions and many haven’t made it into galleries yet!