KT at the Creek published on Patreon!

Well the shoots we can share images from have been a bit slow recently. so we’re trying to get our Patreon and Diverxity sites up to date with all the content we’re behind on. This one has been on Diverxity for a while, but we’re just getting around to adding it on Patreon. Are you a Patron? The full set of over 160 images is there for Team Insiders! If you’re not a Patron, maybe you should be! https://www.patreon.com/audacieuxphotographics

We are on Patreon!

Audacieux Photographics is excited to report that we’re now on Patreon!  As you may know, we’ve been shooting for sites like Zivity and Diverxity for some time and while we love and will continue to support those sites, many of the artists we’re familiar with have been moving to Patreon because it gives the artists much more control over how they interact with and provide content for their fans.   Patreon patrons provide the artist with support based on a “Kickstarter like” reward tier system and the sky is the limit on rewards.

We’ll still continue to provide images from our shoots for free here and on our social media sites, but our patrons will enjoy up to the minute edits, access to the complete galleries, many with images we won’t be releasing elsewhere, and behind the scenes goodies that you won’t be able to get anywhere else either.  Your patronage in turn will help us pay for the opportunity to work with more talent, and thus, bring you more images! We hope you’ll join us there and become a Patron of our work too!

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Champagne Club Boudoir Marathon – April 9, 2016!

Exciting news! We’re going to be working with the Champagne Club in Ft Wayne for a boudoir marathon coming up Saturday April 9, 2016. Session fee is $99 and includes hair, makeup and a 30 minute photo session. Slots are limited and are filling fast! Check out the events page at www.thechampagneclubfw.com for registration!  We’re working on special image package pricing for the event and we’ll be posting that information as soon as it’s ready.

2nd Annual Boudoir Shoot


Ft. Wayne Mini Marathon – Jan 30, 2016!

DSC_7319wmsmAudacieux Photographics is excited to announce that we will be conducting a private Boudoir Mini Marathon in the Ft. Wayne Indiana area on Saturday January 30, 2016.   A limited number of mini-sessions are available.  These sessions are one hour in length and at a reduced session fee of $60.  There is no additional charge for outfit changes or props as long as they’re within the available session time.  Payment of the session fee is required to secure your desired time slot and session fees are non-refundable after January 27, 2016.   We will capture an unlimited number of images of you during the session and provide electronic proofs for you to review after the session. You’ll need to allow us up to 48 hours to prepare the proofs please!   You’ll receive a minimum of four (4) full size edited images in electronic form.  Additional images, prints and other products will be available for purchase, but there is no obligation to do so.

For more information, questions, or to schedule your session, please email us at sales@audacieuxphotographics.com, or use our Contact Us form!  We look forward to getting you in front of our camera!

We are currently booking 3pm, and 4:30pm.  We’ll update the listing as availability changes and potentially add additional slots if there’s demand.

About the Terminology

We’re so glad you’ve taken a moment to understand the terminology we use here on the Audacieux Photographics website.  We’ve found that some clients are intimidated and perhaps embarrassed by some of the terms they find here: nude, bodyscape, erotic, etc.  We hope, with a review of these words and what they mean, that we’ll put your mind at ease on the type of work we do and what sorts of shots your session will contain.  If you have questions on any of these, or perhaps suggestions on terms to add, please be sure to email us at sales@audacieuxphotographics.com!

Boudoir – French for “bedroom” or “private room”, boudoir is a term that, at least in the photography sense, is used to suggest photography of a subject in attire that is commonly associated with the bedroom.   This might include lingerie, undergarments, or even normal attire in partial stages of undress.  In this type of work, any nudity is generally implied rather than explicit.  This is the most common type of work we do for our clients.

Implied Nudity – Implied nudity is used to describe an image that suggests that the subject is nude, but does not reveal that explicitly.  In images of this type, the subject’s more private parts are concealed, either by strategic positioning of props, fabric, shadow, or other objects.  The subject may or may not actually be nude, but in the image, no hint of attire is included so as to give the impression of nudity even though it’s not proven.  Images taken in this fashion are useful for evoking the seductive feel that nudity creates without being as revealing as a true nude image would be.

Nude  – The partial or complete lack of attire allowing partial or full view of the subject’s more private areas.  Nude images may include props, fabrics or even some attire, but such additions do not generally obscure the fact that the subject is nude.  Nude images are often characterized by adjectives such as “figure”, calling attention to the beauty of the human body itself, and “erotic”, implying a more sexual nature to the image.

Bodyscape – The human body is beautiful in all it’s forms, and is regularly compared and contrasted to the beauty of landscapes.   A bodyscape is a type of image we use to convey the “landscape” of the body.  These images are often anonymous, meaning they generally lack identifying components such as a face.  Bodyscapes can be boudoir, nude, or erotic, depending on what attire, if any, is present, and if a sexual suggestion is present.

Erotic – An erotic image is one that conveys a sexual component or inspires a sexual response.  While it is often an intimidating word for those not used to using it, it simply means that which arouses a sexual desire.  Erotic is also a very subjective word.  At Audacieux Photographics, we’ve shot many images for many clients.  Some, are intended to show the beauty of the human form, others are intended to induce a sexual response, and in all cases, the question of meeting our goal can only be answered by those viewing the results.  Artistic images can be perceived by some to be erotic, and those intended to be erotic can fall short of that implication.   Erotic images can also be boudoir, nude or even clothed.  They are simply intended to call attention to the sexuality of the subject or subjects.

Was this summary helpful for you?  Please be sure to let us know of any additions we should make at sales@audacieuxphotographics.com