Want to be a Zivity Model?

Audacieux Photographics is looking for women that are, or would like to become Zivity Models.  Zivity is a social networking site for artists, including models and photographers.  Published models and photographers are given memberships to Zivity for free and may be able to earn money for their contributions via the Zivity vote system, where paying Zivity members vote on the content we provide and those votes translate to payment for the model and photographer.

Audacieux Photographics is a published Zivity photographer and we are recruiting new models.  No experience is required and there is no cost to you, the model.   If you think you’d like to become a Zivity model, please drop us a line at casting@audacieuxphotographics.com.  If you’re already a Zivity member, be sure to check out our Zivity Profile!  If not, email us for a free trial membership.