Who’s up for a swim?

One of the things on my to-do list was to revisit the edits from a fun underwater shoot with the beautiful KT and while I have a million edits to be working on, I decided to change channels and work on these for a bit.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing one.

I actually shot this set while I was on SCUBA in a pool and KT was swimming around above me.  It was definitely a fun shoot.  I’m looking forward to doing another!

I’m going to make a set out of these and I’ll be adding them for Patrons when I get them finished!

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Planning Your Session – Edits and Products

You did it!  You had an awesome session, and we got some awesome images!  Now what?  Generally, the next step is that we will prepare your proofs for you to review and pick the ones you like.  If you haven’t already decided, now is the time to decide what you’re going to do with the images and thus, what products you might be interested in purchasing.  Remember that your session fee includes the session itself and the preparation and delivery of the proofs.  Detailed edits and any finished product are priced separately unless we’ve developed an inclusive package for you.


It normally takes a few days to create the proofs from the images we’ve captured.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, we tend to shoot a lot of images.  The fleeting nature of genuine expressions and the timing of a blink can be the difference between a perfect image and not.  As such, for any one particular look we’re going for, we might capture multiple images.  That’s further compounded by seeing an image we’re after, but then wanting to capture it at different distances or crops.  Yes, we can do the crop later in Photoshop, but that steals resolution and we want to give you the best images possible. 

Zooming or cropping with the lens allows the resulting image to be at full resolution and thus better quality.  The end result is that there are often hundreds of images to sort through, decide what to keep and show and then potentially make basic color or exposure adjustments if we feel it’s necessary.  We strive for perfection out of the camera and many times we acheive it, but sometimes we don’t and the image needs some tweak before we’re ready to offer it as a proof.  All of that takes time!

Each of your proofs will be marked with the text PROOF on the image.  We don’t want it to be obnoxious and block what you’re trying to make a decision on, but we do want it clear that the images are not the finished product that we want to put our name on yet.  Once the proofs are ready, they’ll be made available to you in a secure location on the web and you’ll receive a link to view them.  You’re welcome to save and share the link if you wish, but know that anyone with the link will be able to see your images, so rather than sharing the link, we suggest saving specific proofs and sharing them with those you want to help you decide.  Optionally, for additional security we’re happy to password protect the gallery for you if you’re worried about the link falling into the wrong hands.


Once you’ve chosen one or more images for delivery as a product, we will then do standard editing at no additional charge.  Standard editing includes steps such as:

        • Exposure adjustment and enhancement if needed
        • Contrast adjustment and enhancement if needed
        • Color correction if needed
        • Black and white, sepia (or other tone) or simple selective color conversion if desired
        • Limited skin blemish correction for obvious point blemishes (such as zits and small scars)
        • Glamour skin smoothing if desired

Other editing is available at an additional charge and could include:

        • Teeth whitening
        • Adjustment of unsightly bulges
        • Complicated selective color or color conversion
        • Extensive skin retouch
        • Ethereal glow, complicated focus adjustments or blur and other image effects

We want your images to be remarkable, and we get in close when we’re performing our edits!  These edits are quoted on a case by case basis.


Audacieux Photographics offers a wide range of products and has sources for just about any kind of product imaginable which will display an image.  Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll figure out how to get your image put on it.

Our most common product purchases are digital images, photographic prints, canvases, and photo books.   Digital images alone are quoted based on quantity and number of images.  They are delivered using the same mechanism as proofs and are provided as high resolution images suitable for printing as well as lower resolution images which are appropriate for sharing by social media.

Photographic prints are priced by size and are drop shipped to you.  Our vendor provides true photographic prints on archival quality photographic paper, not an injet or dye sublimation print like other vendors.  The digital image is included with the purchase of prints at no additional charge.

Canvases, also known as canvas wraps are also priced by size and are drop shipped to you from our vendor.  We use a high quality vendor who provides art gallery quality products.  The digital image is included with the purchase of canvases at no additional charge.

Our photo books are also provided by a vendor offering excellent quality products.  They are available with a multitude of cover options and materials and in multiple sizes and page counts.  The purchase of a photo book includes the book design process and as part of the process, you’ll be provided a PDF file proof of the prepared book to approve before ordering.

Once you’ve approved the design of the book it will be created and shipped to you.  The digital images for each image in the book is included at no additional charge.

If you have specific questions or need more information on our proofing, editing and products, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Please be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!

Planning Your Session – Props and Special Effects

By the time you get to the point of considering what if any props and special effects you want in your session, we hope you understand the terminology and have chosen your image style and decided on a location.  If not, we suggest you read up on those things first!  Choosing your wardrobe is also related, so you may want to do that too!

Once you’re ready to consider props and special effects, you can let your mind wander because the options are endless.


Fast forward.  You’ve finished your session.  You’ve seen your proofs.  You’ve picked some you love, and you’ve decided on what products you’d like to have.  Now what?  What are your images for?  Display? Empowerment?  Are they a gift for someone else?  Why does it matter?  It matters because that may help you decide if you want a theme to the images and what it might be.

As an example, consider the client who wants to do a photo book for a sports loving significant other who happens to have a favorite football team.  Perhaps one of the session looks could be with wardrobe and props that reflect that team.  Or consider the client with a spouse that’s a firefighter.  Or perhaps you’re just a huge fan of vinyl.

Whatever the theme, if you want to include it in your session somehow, we’ll figure out how to do it.

Assorted Props

Audacieux Photographics also has an assortment of props available to compliment your session.  While our stock of props varies with the season and time, we generally have:

        • An array of colors of sheer fabric
        • Red, ivory and black satin sheets
        • Mardi Gras style beads and masks
        • Feather boas
        • Rope and chains
        • Smoke machine
        • Red and white emergency lights

Be sure to check out the slide show below to see some samples of shots with our various props

You are welcome to bring along any additional props you may wish to use.


We regularly do photo sessions with vehicles, but please keep in mind that these require advance planning and may have some location limitations.  At least one of our studio options is capable of getting a motorcycle inside, but larger vehicles need to either be shot on location or arrangements made to rent a larger facility.


Weapons are common props in our sessions and we welcome them.  If you’re planning on using a weapon in your session, please discuss this in advance with us so we can plan for any special safety precautions that will be required.

Please note that we welcome concealed carry holders but do not unholster your weapon unless the need arises to use force.  In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.  If you unholster your weapon for any other reason, you will be expected to unload and make it safe and demonstrate such.  Weapons used as props will be demonstrated to be clear and safe at each use.


Smoke and Other Special Effects

We love adding special effects to our images and we pride ourselves on doing in the shot and in camera as opposed to adding it in Photoshop later whenever possible.

We frequently do sessions that include smoke, specialized lighting (such as fire), lighting effects such as light streaming, and camera effects like ghosting (double exposure).  

We have multiple options for doing such effects and we’d welcome discussing your ideas.  If it involves a camera, we’re probably game for trying it!  You can reach us at to do so!

Don’t forget to watch our slide show of interesting props and themes below, and be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!

Planning Your Session – Wardrobe and Supplies

One of the toughest choices you have to make when preparing for your session is what to wear and what to bring.  Obviously, if what you’re planning is an artistic nude shoot, your wardrobe isn’t going to require much planning, but there are still some things you will want to bring along!


There’s probably nothing more awkward than starting out a photo session, especially if it’s a photographer you haven’t worked with before.  It takes time to get comfortable and get into the groove in order to get great images.  We’ve found that one of the best things to add to the session is music, especially if it’s music that will get you moving and get your heart beating.  We have a pretty awesome play list we use, or  we’re happy to play whatever you’d like to hear.  If you have a specific playlist you think will help you get in the groove, please bring it along.  


Modeling is hard, thirsty work!  You need to be comfortable, hydrated and not hungry.  Our potential offering of snacks and refreshments varies depending on studio or location choice, so we recommend you bring along anything you might want to have.  At a minimum, we suggest a bottle of water or two and a snack of some kind.  If we have it wherever we’re shooting, you’re welcome to it, but we can’t promise what options we’ll have at any given time.

Smoking is not allowed inside any of our studio options, although you may step outside to do so if you wish.  Courteous vaping may be permitted, but we reserve the right to ask you to take that outside as well.

We do allow alcohol at our sessions, provided the location doesn’t otherwise have restrictions against it.  We will not provide it.  We understand that the occasional sip of wine or other adult beverage can help calm the nerves, but we reserve the right to cancel the session without refund if you allow yourself to become inebriated.


Sooner or later, you’re going to need a break from shooting.  While we’re happy for you to run around our studios in whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing), that may be an issue in some locations.  Further, if you’re shooting in something revealing, changing clothes for a break can be a hassle.   To minimize such hassles, we suggest bringing a robe or other similar to don garment and slippers or other easy to don shoes so that if a quick break is needed, it’s just a “slip on, slip off” evolution.  This is also helpful if you tend to get cold easy.  Additionally, we have multiple options for portable heaters if needed.


Are you having a good hair day?  We hope so!  Are you still going to be having a good hair day by the time you get to the studio or location?  We hope so too!  But, you should probably be prepared to make adjustments as needed just in case.  Hair tends to get tussled by some poses and actions as well.  Items to consider:

        • Comb, brush, hair pic, etc
        • Hair dryer, curler, straightener
        • Hairspray, gel or other products


Assuming you’re the type that wears makeup and would have it on for a session (we do shoot guys too after all!), much like your hair, you’re going to want to be able to touch up your makeup.   This is especially true of your lips!

When choosing your makeup, keep in mind that for photography, makeup is typically done more boldly than it would be for a normal event or day.  Consider more intense colors and heavier application.  We’re not makeup experts by any means, but there’s a wealth of information out there.  A quick Google Search on the subject yielded a treasure trove of potentially helpful info. 

On that note, we do occasionally work with local hair and makeup artists on projects.  Their rates are their own and would be your responsibility, but if you’d like us to coordinate a makeup artist for your session, we’d be happy to do so.

Of particular note, especially if you’re shooting something revealing:  make sure your choice of foundation is appropriate for your skin tone both above and below the neck!  There’s not much worse than a marked difference in skin tone due to makeup.  You’ll want to make sure that area is blended well also.


If you might want to wear it for a session, bring it.  We shoot, and have shot everything from mild to wild and not much surprises us any more.  Having said that, keep in mind that changing wardrobe is a pain.  Such hassles lead to being tired and irritable and being tired and irritable will show in the images.  As such, we suggest trying to keep a session to a few distinct looks.  Our recommendation is three or less.  Don’t get us wrong, we’ll shoot all day if you want, but after a while, you’re going to get tired.  And when you’re tired… well, you get the point.

Our “three look” recommendation comes from years of experience.  Your looks can be anything you like.  Many of our clients start with a full outfit and then start to remove it, revealing more intimate attire underneath.  This is helpful if you’re nervous and need to warm up to something more revealing.  Others just jump right in and bring multiple completely different looks.

A note of caution: beware tight fitting clothing and especially undergarments!  Lines in the skin from tight fitting undergarments can be difficult and expensive to edit out.  If you’re considering shooting in both lingerie and nude or implied nude, consider arriving without the offending garments on and starting with nude or implied and then add garments.  This approach prevents those unsightly lines in the first place. 

Be sure to consider your set and location when choosing attire.  Dark and especially black garments have to be handled carefully in low key images.  White garments have to be handled carefully in high key images.  Color garments pop more in all types of lighting. 

Bring alternates!  Don’t just pick out three sets and go.  If there’s any chance you might want to shoot in it, bring it.  This will also help protect you if there’s a garment failure, or it doesn’t show well in the lighting of choice for some reason.  We would much rather you bring a bunch of items and take many home untouched than for you to be at the session saying “Oh, I wish I’d brought…”.

Getting it here

Do you have a huge pile of stuff to bring along?  We thought you might.  That’s actually normal for this type of session.  Our veteran clients often come to a session with luggage in tow such as a carry-on type bag at a minimum.

We hope that we’ve offered enough suggestions to help you be prepared for your session.  If you have specific questions on any of these topics or anything else related to your session, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!

Planning Your Session – Location

Location, location, location!  It’s been said that location is everything, and we can’t agree more!  Fortunately, for Audacieux Photographics, we can work with generally any location you choose, from underwater

to an abandoned incinerator, and pretty much anything in between.

Have you picked out the style of images you want from your session yet?  If not, you should probably do that first, because it may have a bearing on the type of location chosen.  Once you know that, pick away.  Our choices are:

Hamilton Studio – a smaller cozy studio in a quiet residential neighborhood in Hamilton.  This one is our favorite, but it is limited in potential concepts due to size.  It’s best for low key lighting, but high key lighting can be done here as well.

Cincinnati Studio – a larger shared studio located in the Cincinnati area near Paddock Rd and I-75.  This studio is appropriate for both low key and high key photography and can be used for larger props.  Scheduling can be more complicated because of the need to coordinate with other users

Other Studios – If one of our two studio options isn’t a fit for some reason, we also keep track of other studios in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern KY area which rent studio space hourly, and we’d be happy to set up your session using one of those other studios.  Please note that additional charges will apply.

On Location – the sky is pretty much the limit here.  Be sure to check out our slide show below for some of the interesting places we’ve shot.  We keep a whole database of potential locations if you don’t already have one in mind and we can set up anything from a single light set, to a full high key setup pretty much anywhere there’s enough space!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!

Planning Your Session – Style

As you consider your session and begin to prepare for it, one of the first questions you need to answer is what “style” of images are you looking for.  At Audacieux Photographics, we generally characterize image styles into three broad categories.  These are “Low Key”, “High Key”, and “Natural”.  Each of them has a characteristic look to the images and they represent fairly significant lighting setup differences.  While we’re happy to shoot more than one style at a session, we generally suggest a session be just one style so as to prevent the session from being too long and tiring.  If you’re tired when we’re shooting, it will show in the images!  The choice of style also may have a bearing on the location of the shoot and thus, is why we suggest choosing it first.

Read on to learn more about the three general styles of shots!

Low Key

Low key photography is our most popular, and probably our favorite type of photography.  The lighting is subdued and includes a lot of contrast.  There is usually just one light source and lots of shadows.

Low key, at least in our implementation of it, is usually all about the subject.  The background is generally black and it’s lit (or not lit) so that it simply fades away into darkness.  There are generally no, or a minimum of props, and only a sufficient amount of furniture (if any) to compose the shot.  Due to the dark nature of the images, they work better either with colorful wardrobe, or no wardrobe at all.  Black apparel tends to get lost against the background, hopefully for obvious reasons. 

When planned carefully  though,  even  dark  attire  can  be  managed in low key

Low key images can be shot anywhere, but are generally best done in studio where there’s maximum ability to control the light and plenty of space. 

We have however shot low key images on site at many different locations.  An abandoned incinerator perhaps?  See the ghost? 🙂  That effect is not photoshop!

We’d be happy to show you more samples if you’re interested.  Obviously, there are many possible variations of a low key style, so feel free to use your imagination.

High Key

High key images are probably the opposite of low key images.  These are bright and airy.  They’re shot on a white background which is actually overexposed so as to disappear into nothingness.

High key imagery shows everything, in great detail, and is great for images that “pop”.  We’ve used it for everything from boudoir to holiday and many other themes in between.  It’s great for showing off color, be it in a tattoo, or in attire.  It’s also a good choice for athletic and fitness style shots.  High key is often used for pinup style shots as well.  

High key lighting can also be done in other scenes and with other backgrounds and is often a choice for fitness models that wish to show off in great detail.  This type of high key lighting can be done anywhere.  High key lighting like the samples we’ve shown here is typically done in studio for ease of accommodating the extra lighting, special floor and white background.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the appropriate choice for when you either want a more natural look to your images instead of the more polished result you see with high and low key, or where the scene is as important to the story as the subject.

Natural lighting is almost always done on site since it’s much easier to use an existing location than to try to set up the studio with furniture and decorations.  This is especially true if it’s important that the shots be in “your” bedroom or other personally significant location.

Keep in mind that our use of natural lighting is more about the appearance of the image and not necessarily about our use of supplemental lighting.  We may still use supplemental lighting even though we’re striving for a natural look depending on the lighting conditions of the site at the time.

We hope this answered any questions you may have on your choice of style for your session.  If not, don’t hesitate to email us at  Also, please be sure to check out the rest of the “Planning Your Session” series for more information on getting ready for the big day!