Assorted Fetish Images

At Audacieux Photographics, we enjoy the unusual, be it unusual lighting, unusual locations, or unusual themes.  Here’s a collection of some of our various fetish images:

DeeLyn at the Fountain

After bribing the beautiful DeeLyn with some sushi at her favorite local place, we got her out to the beautiful fountain at Ault Park for some night time shots.  There was a party in the pavilion, so we had to limit the sexiness.  Maybe nextime… 😉

DeeLyn’s Bath – Second Edit

It’s amazing how fast time gets away when there’s so much to do! I just realized I haven’t had time to do any more edits on DeeLyn’s awesome bath shoot from last month. So I made a few minutes to work on another. Here it is! More soon!

PS – have you seen the short behind the scenes video preview from this shoot?  If you were a Patron, you would have!  Just sayin’ 😉

Abandoned Railroad Building

In another few minutes of free time the other day, I decided to check out an abandoned railroad building I spotted recently. I originally thought it was an old station, but looking trackside, it didn’t seem to have a platform or track access. I concluded it was some kind of depot building rather than a station.

It would be a neat location for a photoshoot eh? Check out the pictures:

DeeLyn – Water Goddess

Here’s a selection of images from our Key West Beach shoot with the beautiful DeeLyn!  She was a trooper as we actually kayaked to this location to shoot.  The entire 114 image set is available to members on Diverxity and Patrons on Patreon.  Please support our work and our models and check out the set on one of those two sites!