Buy us a drink?

img-thing-nIt was so much fun shooting all the awesome people at this most recent event! Did you see the tip jar we placed out on the table?  Please keep in mind that most of these events, especially if we put our tip jar out, are ones that we are not being paid to attend.  Generally we get the night’s admission waived, but that’s it.  We do these events to help support the organizations that run them and get our name out there.  Hopefully it will be worth it for us in follow-on sales and opportunities for paid sessions.

If you missed our tip jar at the event, and would like to buy us a drink in appreciation of our work and the complimentary shot you received, we’d love that.  You can put in any amount you’d like, and can do that here:

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Our online payments are safely and securely handled by Paypal.  You do not need to be a member, and you do not need to use your account if you are.  Thanks for that drink!